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Activity Poem: The Elephant's Trunk

Page history last edited by Meredith Ann Pierce 15 years, 8 months ago

"The Elephant's Trunk"


This is a seated activity poem that works for either Baby / Toddler or  Preschool / Kindergarten audiences.  Babies, of course, will have to have their caregivers guide them through the simple motions.





The elephant has a great big trunk

     Swinging to and fro.

His itty, bitty, tiny eyes

     Show him where to go.

His vast, huge ears

     Flap up and down.

His great, big feet

     Can tromp the ground! 

(raised arm = "trunk"

(swing arm gently)

(squint or gently touch baby's face near eyes)


(hands on either side of head)

(flap hands)

(lift and wiggle feet)






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