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Activity Poems

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When to Use


Activity poems tend to be more active than fingerplays because they involve more parts of the body than just the hands.


They are an ideal way to communicate with babies via touch as well as break up the monotony of reading aloud.


Activities that get young children up off their bottoms and onto their feet are great for livening up the midpoint of any storytime. 




How to Perform


Preface any activity with a few words to let your audience know that they are no longer expected to sit quietly listening.  Now is the time to participate!


Demonstrate everything you do.  If the activity is to be performed standing up, stand up and invite everybody else to do the same.  Don't start until everybody's up.


Raise your voice slightly so as to be heard.  Gesture broadly so everyone can see you.  Smile.  Laugh.  Have a good time!  Praise everyone at the end of the activity.


Be sure your activity spiel includes a return to a seated position so that you can then proceed smoothly with your next picturebook.




Suggested Activity Poems


     Baby / Toddler Activities

          "Jelly Belly"

          "Knock, Knock!  Who's There?"

          "Let's Go to the Woods"

          "Pat Your Belly"

          "Rub-a-Dub Dub, Who's in the Tub?"

          "These Are Baby's Fingers"


    Preschool / Kindergarten Activities

          "An Elephant Goes Like This and That" click here

          "The Elephant's Trunk" click here

          "Four Ways of Moving" click here

          "The Hippo's Mouth" click here

          "Huge" click here

          "Little Bo Peep" click here

          "Little Boy Blue" click here

          "One, Two, Buckle My Shoe" click here

          "Saggy, Baggy Elephant" click here

          "You Can't Hug a Hippo" click here


     Early Elementary Activities

          "All Around the Kitchen"

          "Going on a Bear Hunt"

          "Grandma's Glasses"

          "Here Come the Elephants"

          "Monster Face"


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