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Baby and Toddler Picturebooks

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Baby and Toddler Picturebooks Overview


Picturebooks for the Baby and Toddler age group need to be very short and simple.


Board book versions (provided that they are large enough to display well at a distance) are a good choice.


Read slowly, expressively, and reassuringly.  Emphasize the joy of discovery.  These little guys haven't been around that long--it's all new to them!



Suggested Picturebooks




E BROWN,M [board book]


Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown


A barnful of animals awaken in the morning, spend the day together, then return to the barn when the sun goes down in this gentle rhyming classic for the very young.







The I Love You Book by Todd Parr


I love you when we dance and when we stroll, when you're sick and when you're well....




Good Day, Good Night by Marilyn Singer


Gives little ones a glimpse into the daily lives of both nocturnal and diurnal animals.  Softly colored pencil and watercolor illustrations accompany the rhyming text.




E BOYNTON [board book]

Belly Button Book by Sandra Boynton


Mildly puzzled hippos contemplate their navels in this joyous celebration of that most mysterious of all body parts.  Boynton's hilarious, cartoonlike illustrations romp along beside the witty, rhyming text.  Too fun!




Freight Train by Donald Crews


This book is written in short simple phrases and

describes 4 different types of freight cars, the

caboose, the tender and the steam engine. The

six basic colors are used for each car making it

a great way to teach colors.




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