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Content: Accessing the Wiki

Page history last edited by Meredith Ann Pierce 14 years, 1 month ago

Accessing the ACLD Storytime Wiki




Okay.  I'm in.  What do I do?




If you just want to check the wiki out, roam around a bit and see that's there, first access the Internet; then go to:




Firefox seems to display the wiki a little better than Internet Explorer.  (If you're a Mac user, Safari works great.)




If you're a contributor who would like to add content, access the wiki as described above and click on Log in, located in the extreme upper righthand corner of the window.




Now what?




If you're visiting for the first time, roam around.  Click on links.  Explore the site.  Only Preschool / Kindergarten storytime information has been filled in so far.




Notice the sidebar along the righthand side of the window.  Once you leave the FrontPage (homepage), the sidebar lists all the pages within a particular folder to have been created so far.



To eliminate the sidebar (and make more room for the main panel), click on the small triangle along the main panel’s top edge, at the same level as the View and Edit tabs, but farther to the right.


Click the triangle again to reveal a hidden sidebar.





It’s all very intuititve and simple enough to get the hang of without having to pore through a manual.

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