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Emergency Storytime Introduction

Page history last edited by Meredith Ann Pierce 15 years, 6 months ago

You don't know how it happened.


All you know is that they're here--and they're expecting a storytime!  You have exactly five minutes to throw one together.  What do you do?



Answer: one of two things.


Method #1: The Ready-Bag

You can use a "canned" storytime, one that you have planned in advance and pre-assembled.


Your storytime then sits zipped in a canvas storytime bag ready and waiting for just such an emergency.



But wait!  Don't have one of those put together yet?  It's okay.  Proceed to Method #2 below.  Afterwards, you can use your materials to create a ready-bag for next time.




Method#2: The Template

You can use a template.  (A template is simply a formula or a pattern.)


Just grab appropriate titles from the suggestions list and plug them into slots on the template.


Voila!  Instant storytime.


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