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Fingerplay: Ten Little Candles

Page history last edited by Meredith Ann Pierce 15 years, 2 months ago

"Ten Little Candles"


This fingerplay is extremely popular with Preschool and Kindergarten audiences because just about everybody celebrates birthdays and almost all young children love cake!




Ten little candles on a birthday cake.

     Wh!  Wh!  Now there are eight.

Eight little candles in candle sticks.

     Wh!  Wh!  Now there are six.

Six little candles, not one more.

     Wh!  Wh!  Now there are four.

Four little candles, red and blue.

     Wh!  Wh!  Now there are two.

Two little candles, one by one.

     Wh!  Wh!  Now there are none.

(Hold up ten fingers.)

(Blow on each thumb in turn.  Fold down thumbs.)

(Hold up eight fingers.)

(Blow on each pinky in turn.  Fold down pinkies.)

(Hold up six fingers.)

(Blow on each ring finger in turn.  Fold down ring fingers.)

(Hold up four fingers.)

(Blow on each middle finger in turn.  Fold down middle fingers.)

(Hold up both forefingers.)

(Blow on each forefinger.  Fold down forefingers.  Hold up fists.)















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