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Preschool and Kindergarten Storytime: Animals

Page history last edited by Meredith Ann Pierce 15 years, 6 months ago

Animals, Animals! Storytime


The theme of this Preschool / Kindergarten storytime is so broad that substitution is easy.  If all the materials to assemble this ready-bag are not available, just plug in your favorite age-appropriate animal stories, songs, and activities.






     Opening Song:  "Hello, Everybody"  click here

          Book #1:  Who Is the Beast?  click here  (see E BAKER,K)

               Activity Poem A:  "Four Ways of Moving"  click here

               Activity Poem B:  "Here's a Bunny"  click here

          Book #2:  Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?  click here  (see E MARTIN,B)

               Activity Poem C:  "You Can't Hug a Hippo"  click here

               Participation Song D:  "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" click here

          Book #3:  Bark, George  click here (see E FEIFFER)

     Closing Song:  "The More We Get Together" click here



     Back-up Book:  A Most Unusual Lunch click here  (see STORYHOUR COLLECTION E BENDER,R)


     Non-book Backups:   "This Little Calf"  click here

                                         "This Is My Turtle"  click here

                                         "Pigs" click here





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