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Song: Crawling Beetle or Insect Dance Along

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"Crawling Beetle" (a.k.a. "Insect Dance Along")


Tune is the same as for "Frere Jacques."  Play it straight for the Preschool / Kindergarten crowd, but if you're feeling particularly silly, there's a gag version for older kids below.



Crawling beetle, crawling beetle, (crawling motion)

One the ground, on the ground,

          Crawling, crawling, crawling,

          Crawling, crawling, crawling,

     All around, all around.




Hopping cricket, hopping cricket, (hopping motion)

     In the grass, in the grass,

          Hopping, hopping, hopping,

          Hopping, hopping, hopping,

     Very fast, very fast.



Busy bumblebee, busy bumblebee,(buzzing / flying motion)

     In the air, in the air,

          Flying, flying, flying,

          Flying, flying, flying,

     Buzzing here, buzzing there.







This one can be done as a round.  The ridiculous words encourage Early Elementary and even Later Elementary kids to join in and sing loud.  Tell the two halves of the room it's a competition--but unless one side totally wimps out, pronounce after the song is over that it was a tie.



Crawling beetle, crawling beetle,

     Up my leg, up my leg,

          Fall out of my pants now.

          If you don't, you'll see how

     Loud I beg, loud I beg.



Hopping cricket, hopping cricket,

     Down my shirt, down my shirt,

          I'm ripping off my sweat top

          And flopping like a wet mop

     In the dirt, in the dirt.



Busy bumblebee, busy bumblebee,

     In my ear, in my ear,

          You're damaging my brain and

          Driving me insane, and

     I can't hear.  I can't hear.



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